Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays From ToddBlog

Well kiddies, while some of you are spening today opening gifts and drinking eggnog, we here at ToddBlog want to give you what we think is without a doubt the best present you will get this year. Thats right boys and girls, it's another Celebrity Interview!

This time around we were able to sit down and chat with a very speacial indiviual. We have featured him on ToddBlog before. You may know him from Naked Wars or seen him tearing up the streets of Chicago. Some know him as a hack, others know him as Shawn Porter's illegitimate love child. Either way we would like to present:

Shapes: an interview with Sarvas Berry

ToddBlog: So Sarvas, why don't you tell our readers a little about yourself.

Sarvas: My name is Sarvas Berry... I'm from Montana... I am pretty much a man like child... I live in Chicago, IL and work at Chicago Tattoo Co... there isn't much more interesting about me... I've been piercing for 7 years... yeah... and I don't have face tats or a black arm... so I basicly don't look like a piercer

ToddBlog: Word around the campfire is that you are a self proclaimed "hack". Would you care to elaberate?

Sarvas: Well... you know what the difference between Me and Shawn O'Hare is right... one has face tats, is a hack and always has his shirt off... and the other is Shawn O' Hare... and this year I also became a Racist... but it all has to do with the same thing... at my 4 year mark of piercing I was "trying" new things and it was really not the right thing to do... I was stepping out of my boundaries and didn't have proper knowledge... those things I was doing were brought to the attention of the piercing community and I was called a hack... I mean I was... but I did what all people should do... humbled myself and asked for help... and I talked to anyone I could and got educated... so after that deal piercers started to respect me.. but no one let me live it down.. so... I pinned it on my sleeve... I'm proud that I grew... I'm not proud of what I was.. but I'm not going to act like it didn't happen... I mean... any rumor that goes around about me I just tack it on the the whole hack thing... like I said.. the new one is that I'm a racist... so.. yeah... that's funnier than me being a hack...

ToddBlog: So your a racist now? How did this come about?

Sarvas: I guess I am now... I mean I could say a bunch of funny stuff about it... but I can't keep kicking a dead horse.... the deal was I was working at a shop here in Chicago... and I'll keep the shop and the peoples names out of this cuz i don't need to stir up anything.. they know who they are... and they people involved know what kind of people they are... anyhoots... The head piercer was leaving and didn't really tell me or anyone else... the other piercer and I kind of suspected some stuff so we found jobs at different shops but we still worked at the shop so that there would be someone there to pierce... well the head piercer told everyone that they were leaving and the owner asked me if I wanted to take over as head piercer... I said yeah and started figuring out what I needed... well the person caught wind of it and told the owner I was a racist and said they fired me because of it... so that deal was off... it kind of fucked me over and it was funny to know that people still do that out of high school... I mean there are still people in this industry that put up a front and would just as soon cut your throat to get a leg up... so.. yeah... just like the hack thing.. I'll think it's funny and add that to the list I guess... like I always say.. fuck whitey...

ToddBlog: Speaking of rumors, we have come to understand that you are quite the famous piercer. So famous in fact that the APP uses knowing you as a prerequisite for expo attendance at their annual conference. Is there any truth to this?

Sarvas: Well yeah... the best part about that is that most anyone at the APP doesn't even know I pierce... I'm just the naked wars guy... but yeah.. this years convention 2010 I am actually monitoring a round table with Ed Chavarria about guest spotting... I am also a mentor... pretty much I am theee big deal since Wayde Dunns accent... I think this year there is a badge I have to pass out for the conference that says "I know Sarvas"... I'm pretty stoked about it... if you have the badge it will get you into a special high end part of the Expo floor, into elite classes and a party too... all cuz you know me... so keep a look out if you go... I mean I might make you show me your bewbz so I can snap a pic with them.... just sayin...

ToddBlog: You mentioned people in this industry putting up fronts and who would just as soon cut your throat just to get a leg up. It really is a shame that people are like that, and there seems to be quite a few of them nowadays. Do you think these people will ever grow out of such behavior?

Sarvas: no.. prolly not.. in this industry or anywhere else.. someone wants to be better... but sometimes that person isn't and can't be... so they back stab, cut throats and do whatever else they can to get to the top.. what's funny is that after a while those people get outed... then everyone knows who they are... and the best part about it is that the top sucks... it's not cool to be at the top because you realize there is nowhere to go... and you are just stuck... people are people man.. they get greedy and scared.. that's how we are... it's kinda cool... but not when you get spited... you know

ToddBlog: Before we bring this interview to a close, do you have any words of wisdom to share with our beloved readers?

Sarvas: Yeah... I do... for those who want to pierce... don't try.. it's never going to be like it was... most all the good piercers know what really not to do now.. so you can't learn from your own mistakes which I think is the best way to learn... and piercing just isn't a real job... this industry is already full of terribly lazy people that just wanted to do it because they couldn't work a real job... we don't need more people like that... there are a lot of rad piercers out there starving.. we don't need to cut the pie thinner...
to all you bad piercers out there.. either shit or get off the pot... I did... stop trying to fight a losing battle... start piercer either by standard or above.. it's not hard... it just takes work...
To all the piercers that stopped piercing... thanks.. there should be more of you...
To all the people that don't pierce and don't want to pierce but support what we do... thanks you... I like your style...
To all the Piercer/Tattoo artist pic one or the other... you are mediocre at one of those jobs and you suck at the other one.. get at least good at one and stop doing the other...
To all the piercers out there that rule (you know who you are) keep up the good work.. and stick to it.. it can't be like this forever....
And to all my fans... Nice Dick Bro!

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  1. oh Sarvas, how I love thee, let me count the ways.

  2. The hacks outnumber the true talents; people who're a joke think they're oldschool.... its a weird time in the industry.

    At least we have Sarvas.

  3. it's a weird time in the what, shawn? I believe you got your terms confused once again.


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